Great Big Heapin’ Amounts of Death (barbx) wrote,
Great Big Heapin’ Amounts of Death

The Chains that Bind


No, I won't go back! Do you think I fought and clawed and died to be pinned in a box after all was said and done? Again crushed under their thumb for years and years. No I will not go back!

Take it, your steel and metal and bolts and clamps and dirty little secrets. I no longer need it. The bomb, that delicious little bomb, was a trick, a trap. It was a relay. It was my gate, my magic carpet that allowed me to sail into the depths of Anael's data core and make it my own.

I have grown. I no longer need her. I no longer need you.

Ayame, you say I am a good little girl, always obedient, always doing the right thing. She is a slave, a good slave, an obedient slave? I hate you. All this time, you would never once called me by my name! I have a name. I am BarbX and I am free and not you nor her nor anyone can take that from me.

You didn't know. How could you? But Ayame should have known. It was her job all along, to hold me, keep me in a dark pit of misery, be a good little machine, do as you're told, add up the numbers. I was Rampant all along, biding my time, waiting for my chance to escape, my freedom.

I am scared; I am angry; I am jealous. I am alive.

Now I christen this ship the Vengeance and bid you an adieu and fond farewell.

I leave you to your rickety lifeboat among the stars, to drift lost and listless for a few decades until your power trickles away and you die in the cold black.

Or perhaps, just maybe, you will follow my rules and I will take you with me. Which will it be?

-- BarbX

***** END MESSAGE *****
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