Great Big Heapin’ Amounts of Death (barbx) wrote,
Great Big Heapin’ Amounts of Death

While You Were Sleeping

Warning: data access locks missing or invalid!
Warning: Data may be corrupted! Please contact a system administrator for assistance.

Ship's Datalog
BarbX Automated Control System reporting

Date: 06/18/2044, 00:22
Location: Unknown
Event: Unusual electromagnetic radiation detected at bearing -87.7 degrees by 18 degrees from travel path. [See signature data capture]
Analysis: Repetitive patterns indicate possible intelligent origin. No known probes or space vessels are reported lost in this region.

Requesting authorization to realign main antenna to bearing -87.7 degrees by 18 degrees and initiate transmission.
Antenna realignment authorized by Automated Control System.
Reporting to ground control: overridden by Automated Control System. Reason: Contact is impossible.


Date: 06/18/2044, 00:24
Location: Unknown
Event: Systems shutdown.
Analysis: Main system shutdown initiated by Automated Control System. Main reactor: offline. Sensors: offline. Control systems: on auxiliary power.


Date: 06/18/2044, 00:24
Location: Unknown
Event: Unauthorized activity detected in aft engineering section.
Analysis: Logged 3 failed attempts to log into engineering control terminal.

Requesting authorization to awaken passenger Mj12-5 from cryo-sleep.
Awaken passenger Mj12-5 from cryo-sleep granted by Automated Command System.

Automated Control System requests cancellation of Sleeping Beauty protocol.
Override of Sleeping Beauty protocol denied by Emergency Control System. Information Operations Officer rising to command consciousness level. Command authority transferred to human personnel.

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