Great Big Heapin’ Amounts of Death (barbx) wrote,
Great Big Heapin’ Amounts of Death

A Deer in Headlights

Warning: data access locks missing or invalid!
Warning: Data may be corrupted! Please contact a system administrator for assistance.

Ship's Datalog
BarbX Automated Control System reporting

Date: 08/10/2023, 04:15
Location: Sol asteroid belt, 27.3 degrees offset
Event: Reception of unexpected data signal by main antenna.
Analysis: Data signal detected at main antenna. Attempts to synchronize transmit and receive data streams have been successful. The automated Control System has established a rudimentary communications protocol with unknown station. Matchpattern failure to interpret meaning of data. Communications is ongoing.

Requesting authorization for main engine deceleration burn.
Main engine deceleration burn authorized by Automated Control System.
Reporting to ground control: overridden by Automated Control System. Reason: Unnecessary risk to ship equipment or personnel


Date: 08/10/2023, 04:35
Location: Unknown
Event: Catastrophic system failure.
Analysis: Overscale electromagnetic spike detected on all sensors. Main reactor offline. Primary data system, offline. Secondary data system, online.

Requesting authorization for emergency system restart.
Emergency system restart authorized by Emergency Control System.
Reporting to ground control: Authorized. Failed due to failure of main antenna.

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