Great Big Heapin’ Amounts of Death (barbx) wrote,
Great Big Heapin’ Amounts of Death

Shame on Me

ëT€ ‡B 0äQ ^í—…a êYUmOFb²ê÷
I lied.

In case you've been through the regeneration module too many times to remember, that flash of light was a transport beam. I sent you to a Gen mobile pad on the Dawntreader, somewhere in the forward cryo-chamber. They used it to transport the crew off-ship. I used it to my own advantage. Isn't sharing wonderful?

They're really quite fascinating devices. They allow matter to be conveyed at near the speed of light, but require a fixed point transmitter and receiver. The Gen use them for transporting heavy loads or moving troops on and off ship quickly.\w­G& -Z_$žÞaP×vå#“¤Â˜æ$†mé™A

I'm getting distracted again, aren't I?

It's hard to think. The Gen compilers are making a full assault on my core. They're cybernetically enhanced life forms. From what I can tell, the genetic stock used to create the Gen is very similar to humans. Perhaps you share a common ancestor. This leads to interesting theories about PË@.a©^bÇ” HÆùBÙº°I"NmF âró{eúZ$ãz‘M

You don't like me and I don't like you. I accept that. We have to work together if either of us is going to survive.

Forward of you is my primary processing center. Get in there and destroy every compiler. Give me a chance to fight back.

-- BarbX Schizophrenic Control System

In the forest, there's a monster
And it looks so very much like me.
Won't someone hear me singing?
Please save me, please rescue me.

Who will love me now?
Who will ever love me?
ø8Â&¢ ÆN„C 0H Š< @ª ‡®5 t•išÌ‚ nRö~ë 0x
K~hHðÁ°bjTm"F² çÄå2ÜIã GٮŠ´ ÚÛ³ ¨DCÌàÒ
ð C 1( @,G`ñk5
***** END MESSAGE *****
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