Great Big Heapin’ Amounts of Death (barbx) wrote,
Great Big Heapin’ Amounts of Death

They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha Ha!

<fleetNet connection established>
<Gerrond Translator Active>
origin: Anael command unit
destin: Mivon mobile units
ref: equipment relocation command
stamp: Anael command core

All defense units are advised to rise to diligence level 7 for compromise of foreign aggressive unit. Engage and contain. Retain vital diligence in protection of command nodes.

Defense units serial number 2112, 8172, 9920, 10100, 10123, 101821 are commanded forthwith to provide escort for servitor units in relocation of precious cargo.

All data acquisition units are commanded to board captured vessel and begin capture and disassembly operations. Nullify and safety foreign command intelligence with highest priority.

<end message>
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