Great Big Heapin’ Amounts of Death (barbx) wrote,
Great Big Heapin’ Amounts of Death

Can You Hear Me Now?


Marine? Can you hear me? I think I'm getting through.

The onboard AI is going dangerously unstable under the influence of the alien attackers. There seems to be an outside controlling intelligence, perhaps another AI, aboard the alien ship. Don't trust anything our AI says. She is being corrupted, controlled.

They're making their way through the ship, disabling security locks and opening our blast doors. They're... oh God, they're heading for the cryo-compartment.

Trying to wake up the crew... no good, they've shut down the power. I can't reach those systems. They're locking me out of the"Ný륡à ˜A1/2²îÛù-Ïqü‰' aí´ BÅ Fo¢ ÿóp

Warning: data connection broken or interrupted!

***** END MESSAGE *****
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