Great Big Heapin’ Amounts of Death (barbx) wrote,
Great Big Heapin’ Amounts of Death

Alexandria Burns


The aliens are in the ship's datanet. They're slowly compromising the AI's systems and downloading as much as they can from our onboard databank. I'm doing my best here to keep them out, but they're infiltrating the ship at key junctions. That gives them a powerful advantage.

The round, robotic aliens like the one you just destroyed seem to be designed to infiltrate and disable computer systems. If you see any more, make sure to keep them away from the terminals and destroy them as quickly as you can.

The AI's analysis suggests that because they are poorly shielded and mostly electronic themselves, the alien plasma weapons will be especially effective against them. The enemy shock troopers appear to be weak against your conventional projectile weapons. Perhaps they are built lightly for zero gravity situations.

Lt Ayame Miyamoto
Senior Information Operator

***** END MESSAGE *****
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