Great Big Heapin’ Amounts of Death (barbx) wrote,
Great Big Heapin’ Amounts of Death

Breakin' Stuff to Look Tough


I realize we've not properly introduced ourselves. My name is BarbX. I am the Automated Control System aboard the Dawntreader. While you have slept, I have diligently monitored your health, as well as that of the ship and crew, and piloted us towards our programmed destination.

Lt Miyamoto will not always be available. She cannot remain in a hypersomnial cognitive state indefinitely. As times goes on, her conscious mind will become more erratic and delusional. To minimize this effect, I will be limiting her exposure time. I will assist you as you complete your assigned tasks.

The door ahead is jammed and I am afraid that I cannot open it. You will have to break it down.

Behind you to the left is the door to the aft armory. Use the door key 4-2-5 to open it. Inside you will find an Iapx Magnum pistol and ammunition. It should be sufficient to destroy the locking mechanism of the jammed door.

-- BarbX Automated Control System

***** END MESSAGE *****
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